All foreign players without FIDE rating have to show proof of their national ranking. FIDE and FSI rating changes and achievements follow current FIDE and FSI handbooks. FIN (FIDE ID Number) is required. Playroom: multi-purpose sports center, in Via Tagliamento.

  • Open A: ELO higher than 1899;
  • Open B: ELO lower than 2000.

Open A and Open B are composed of 9 rounds with a time control of 90′ for 40 moves + 30′ to finish the game + 30″ starting from the first move.

The pairing system that will be used is the Swiss Dutch. Tiebreaks at the end of the tournament will follow this order: Buchholz Cut 1, Buchholz Total, Sonneborn-Berger, ARO (Average Rating of Opponents). Time tolerance is 60 minutes.

Registrations fees must be paid by May 31th 2022 as follows:

Open A – B
All players:69,00 €
Late registration+15,00 €
Price reduction:
GMs and Over 2400Gratuito
Over 2300, Woman, Over 60 and Under 1659,00 €
Special discount “Partner Hotels” – Rete di Imprese Forni di Sopra-35,00 €

Proof of payment must be sent to Registering online or by email won’t guarantee players’ participation.

Smoking in the playing room is not allowed even with electronic equipment. Mobile phones and electronic devices must be turned off placed in a bag far from the player’s board.

Prizes cannot be split and all prizes are tax-free and not combined. They will also be paid by bank transfer or PayPal, as according to the Italian financial laws cash payments are not allowed. By not participating in the prize-giving ceremony, players authorize the organizing committee NOT to pay to the prize won.

For all technical regulations not mentioned in this brochure, please refer to the applicable FIDE’s international regulations. Registration involves the full acceptance of what is mentioned in this brochure – regulation. The organizers may make some changes in order to achieve the best outcome in the event.